MRT 180

“My rehab thesis in 180 seconds (MRT180)”session 2018 Vilnius

Aydan Oral

May 2, 2018 Wednesday

Research has always been a priority in PRM to contribute to “better health for all people with disability” (
“My rehab thesis in 180 seconds (MRT180)”session which is accommodated in the scientific program of the ESPRM 2018 specifically for PhD students will serve as an outstanding milieu for disseminating diverse scientific research activities for persons with disabilities.

The aims of the “MRT180” session are:

  • To provide opportunity to recognize diverse research possibilities for persons with disabilities
  • To provide motivation for research in rehabilitation
  • To provide professional development opportunity for PhD students in presenting research
  • To promote scientific popularization

Selected PhD students (through submitted abstracts specifically for this session) among different disciplines involved in research for persons with
disabilities will present their theses in a very short time (3 minutes) in an attractive and widely understandable manner with a single PowerPoint slide.

PhD students in any rehabilitation relevant discipline can participate in the “MRT180” session provided that they are enrolled in a doctoral program the academic year 2017-2018 or they have obtained their PhD in the academic year 2016-2017.

For participating in “MRT180” session, there is a need for abstract submission during which the topic A.13. “Research in PRM” will be selected and “MRT180” will be inserted before the abstract title.

The three best presentations will be announced during the “Presidents Session: Research in Rehabilitation” which has been scheduled for Thursday, May 3, 2018. A prestigious opportunity for PhD students is that the video presentation of the three best presentations will be uploaded on the ESPRM 2018 website and will be available for the next 2 years (till the next congress in 2020).